Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
  • Hurricane IRMA - Update to storm aftermath as of Sunday, September 24, 2017: All AT&T U-VERSE Service as well as building WiFi and the internet and phones in the management office have been restored at The Barclay.  The Gazebo awning will remain down until the end of hurricane season. We continue to do cleanup on the pool deck as well as the grounds and landscaping and are evaluating the value of the claim that will be made to our insurance carrier. (They have already been put on notice.)
  • Labor Day Paella Party Photos - Check out the photos of the Paella Party in the Photo Album Section of the website - everyone had lots of fun!
  • President's Message - A new message from Jim Nolletti to keep you up to date can be found here.
  • Letter from AP Management - Introductory letter from our new management company can be found here.
  • Minutes of Board Meetings - Approved Minutes of Board Meetings can be found under the Meeting Minutes tab.  Please note that Minutes cannot be posted until they are approved at the next Board Meeting following the date of that meeting. 
  • In Case of Evacuation from the Building - Residents who will require assistance in the event of a fire emergency or any other evacuation requirement should contact the Management Office (561-582-9519) so that you can be added to the list of residents requiring assistance to be given to the Fire Department.

Upcoming Projects
Beach Restoration Project
Posted on Feb 15th, 2017
The Town of South Palm Beach in conjunction with the State of Florida and the County of Palm Beach are planning on undertaking a Beach Restoration Project that should give us substantially more beach. This is an ongoing statewide project to restore beaches all over the state of Florida. Although there is still one building that has not signed off on the easement agreement the Town of South Palm Beach has advised us that the project will most likely start after turtle season in 2018. Click here to view the presentation from the Town of South Palm Beach regarding the project.
Garage Paving Project
Posted on Feb 15th, 2017
Assessment 25 included repaving of the garage and driveway areas of The Barclay. The BOD decided that in order to properly accomplish the paving we needed to determine the problems under the pavement and fix those issues prior to the paving itself. The BOD hired Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. one of the top engineering companies in this field to report on what needs to be done for the entire project to get it done correctly. The complete 72 page report can be found here.

AT&T Contact Information
Billing: 888-899-9063 - Option 1
Vacation options, or to add/remove any U-verse services.
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8AM - 11 PM Saturday- 8 AM-10 PM Sunday - Closed
Repairs and Tech Support: 800-288-2020
Have your AT&T Account number ready when you call to save time.
Hours of Operation: 24/7
  • Please use the above numbers and say that you are from The Barclay - a Connected Community to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Also have your account number available.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the resolution to an issue or you are having trouble getting an issue resolved please contact the Barclay Management Office. We have a direct contact at AT&T that we can contact to escalate your issue.

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Turtle Season - March 1 to Oct 31
All oceanfront property owners are required to ensure that no artificial light illuminates any area of the beach or water that may be used for nesting sea turtles and hatchlings.  In order to accomplish this, the town requires that all lighting be positioned or shielded so that it is not visible from the beach or water during turtle season. (Shielding of light: Section 26-823)

Required Lease Agreement for Rentals
Based on The Barclay Association by laws we now provide a standard lease agreement for unit owners that are going to rent their units. If you would like to rent your unit you must either use the provided Lease Agreement or the Lease Agreement Addendum with your own lease. These documents can be found in the Sales and Rental Forms section of the website.

Pool and Pool Deck Rules
At the Board of Directors meeting on August 17, 2015 there were 2 motions passed regarding pool and pool deck rules. The first one prohibits residents from confronting other residents in regards to pool or pool deck rules violations. The second now allows the use of swim diapers as recommended by Chapter 64-E-9.006(2) (f) 7 of the Florida Administrative Code. The full text of the motions can be fould in the Rules & Regulations section of the website. New Rules Regarding Enforcement Protocol and Swim Diapers

Phone Directory
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BOD Enforcement Notice
On September 21, 2015, the Board of Directors enacted the following resolution:
Be it resolved, effective October 1, 2015 the Board of Directors of the Barclay, Inc. Condominium Association will strictly enforce the existing rule that only unit owners may attend, participate, or speak at meetings of our Association whether meetings of the Board of Directors or Committees.  We further resolve that the Board of Directors has interpreted the term "owners" to  include the unit owner(s) of record and/or their lawfully wedded spouse.